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As the owner of a small business, you know and understand that the value of your closely-held business enterprise comprises a significant component of your financial well-being. If you own a business, want to protect your wealth, or determine how much an asset is worth, you will at some point need professional valuation services. It may be to:

  • Assist with selling your business
  • Obtain financing from a lender or for the purchase of a business
  • Plan for a merger or acquisition
  • Develop an estate, gift or tax plan to protect your wealth
  • Determine the value of stock options or compensation
  • Create a succession plan
  • Determine the value of assets and liabilities for a divorce settlement
  • Assist attorneys in litigation related to owner disputes, minority owner oppression, economic damages, or a financial/economic analysis

Whether you are looking to value your business as part of your estate plan, sell your business, acquire a competitor, or have pending litigation matters, our valuation analysts can help navigate the complexity of valuing your business and/or understanding the impact of the valuation to your current situation. As CPA experts, our training and experience enable us to bring our broad knowledge of accounting, finance, economics and business to the table, when expert valuation services are needed.

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